A Night with The Tiny Tassel

When I found out Mimi Striplin, owner of The Tiny Tassel, was doing an event in Columbia, SC. I knew I had to be there! I absolutely admire everything about Mimi. We listened to her story, how she started, she gave some helpful tips, and then we all mingled. AND I got to snap a photo with her! She was so kind and humble. 
I ended up staying at The Graduate, a boutique hotel. It is an absolutely beautiful place. The fancy interior, yummy food, and friendly staff, made my stay very enjoyable. I loved my room! The rooster theme, was a little odd for me at first, but I ended up liking it lol 
As a business owner, networking and attending events that might help you, is so important. I knew that this event, was going to have a huge impact on my life, and it did. Not only did I get to meet and mingle with someone that I truly admire, I learned to confidence and not call my business. " my little business" something Mimi, told me not to do. 
My trip was only for one night, before I drove back to Jacksonville, FL. I made sure to stop at Azalea Coffee Bar, the cutest coffee shop, where I was adventurous and tried their 9-5, espresso - white chocolate sauce
organic beetroot powder - milk - rainbow sprinkles. 
My final thoughts about this trip. Follow your dreams,