Our Fancy Story


Meet the team. The fanciest crew

Meet the Fanciest Team

My name is Adjani! ( Ad+Jay+Nee) I’m the girl behind the sparkles! I have always loved jewelry. Being born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. I saw fashion everywhere. I loved seeing how a piece of jewelry completely changed a look. When I was a little girl, I would spend hours playing in my mother's jewelry box, sometimes when she was getting ready to go out, she would let me select her jewelry, this was my favorite and still one of my favorite memories. On Saturdays, I would go to flea markets and go to every booth that had jewelry! When I was in middle school, I spent my allowance at Claire's! Costume Jewelry has always and still is my favorite. I believe jewelry should be fun. I’m currently moved to VA from FL. . When I’m not creating jewelry, I’m meeting new people and supporting other women in business! 

Dwight- The Fanciest and best Husband!! He's Research and Development. Any issue we have, he's our go to person! From getting us the proper equipment to being our security at events, he is always making sure we are posting and making updates and you’ll often see him at our pop ups! He's also the reason, I started Fancy Society. I was scared to do this, and while I was talking to him about my fears, he was starting my website and creating my social media accounts! When he’s not busy working on our projects or with the NAVY, he’s cooking up some delicious food for us! 

Then there’s Koko! Our little helper. She's always hanging out in the Fancy Studio. She "helps out" by always photobombing our pictures, which we don't mind, she adds lots of cuteness to them. When she's not in the studio, she is napping or getting into trouble! We named her our shipping manager, because she’s always sniffing our packages! Little fact about her, she’s paralyzed, but that doesn’t stop her from wanting to be Fancy. 



 We believe a little sparkle
makes the world a better place! Fancy Society, started because of my love for jewelry. I remember having to save money, if I wanted a certain costume jewelry  piece. I realized a lot of my friends did the same too. So I started curating an affordable collection. Still, that wasn't making me happy. That's when I decided, I can handmake some pieces. Insisting on using the highest quality crystals, pearls, stones and embellishments, can sometimes be a challenge when trying to keep my pieces affordable. But that's something I will always work hard on. I believe all women deserve to look and feel fancy, no matter their economical background. Making women feel good and smile, is my favorite. Hearing the words, I love your pieces, means the world to me. 


Our mission

is to bring beauty and joy to your

everyday life with our colorful, handmade jewelry pieces and curated collection. Our  jewelry
collection is designed for the woman that loves to stand out and feel fancy!
Whether you’re enjoying a casual Sunday brunch with friends or celebrating your
wedding, our jewelry pieces will be sure to embellish your look by adding a pop
of color and a lot of sparkle.


Owner and Founder, Adjani Loaiza, creates
thoughtfully curated pieces by hand setting individual Swarovski crystals into
each piece. Drawing inspiration from her favorite brands such as Lily Pulitzer and Love Shack Fancy, Adjani’s jewelry creations evoke a colorful and
playful energy while remaining elegant and stylish. By hand making all jewelry
in house, Adjani has the ability to work directly with clients and take on
custom orders, creating one of a kind jewelry pieces.


We are so happy you found us and hope you stay and be part of our story. Together we can make the world a little fancier!

 “I hope wearing one of Fancy Society’s pieces adds a little sparkle to your life and makes you smile” -Adjani Loaiza