Our Story



Fancy Society- We believe a little sparkle
makes the world a better place! Our mission is to bring beauty and joy to
everyday life with our colorful, handmade jewelry pieces. Our handmade jewelry
collection is designed for the woman that loves to stand out and feel fancy!
Whether you’re enjoying a casual Sunday brunch with friends or celebrating your
wedding, our jewelry pieces will be sure to embellish your look by adding a pop
of color and a lot of sparkle.

 Owner and Founder, Adjani Loaiza, creates
thoughtfully curated pieces by hand setting individual Swarovski crystals into
each piece. Drawing inspiration from her favorite brands such as Lily Pulitzer and Love Shack Fancy, Adjani’s jewelry creations evoke a colorful and
playful energy while remaining elegant and stylish. By hand making all jewelry
in house, Adjani has the ability to work directly with clients and take on
custom orders, creating one of a kind jewelry pieces.

We are so happy you found us and hope you stay and be part of our story. Together we can make the world a little fancier!

 “I hope wearing one of Fancy Society’s pieces adds a little sparkle and makes you
smile” -owner Adjani Loaiza