The Ritz Carlton x Lilly Pulitzer and Fancy Society

The Time I Met a Lilly Pulitzer Illustrator: More than Just a Trunk with a Happy Surprise

Everyone has that one brand or artist who makes their heart flutter with nostalgic delight. For me, it's Lilly Pulitzer. To some, it's just another preppy clothing line, but to me, it's a symphony of colors that awaken memories of summer and family, cocktails and laughter. In the world of Lilly, life always seems to be a few shades brighter, even when it's raining, and especially when it's not..

So it was a sweet surprise when I got asked to have a Trunk Show the same day, Melissa Sixma Lingo, a Lilly Pulitzer illustrator was going to be there!  It was a pleasure meeting her and chatting with her. Watching her paint live was such a beautiful experience. Best part she picked up one of our earrings!

This was a very fancy day