The Pink Retreat 2023

hello from the beautiful Palm Beach Florida!!!
we were so excited to be attending our very first pink retreat, and even more excited that we were vendors! 

the pink retreat is a yearly event where over 500 Lily girls get together and just have fun. From activities to touring Palm Beach learning the history, sipping on tea and other fun things. This is a wonderful event. to see a group of 500 women wearing their favorite lily prints, and parting together. It’s such a good feel moment. And the best part is that we were part of the pink pop-up. it was such a surreal moment to have so many wonderful Lily fans shopping our table and wearing our jewelry to complement their fashion. we sold out of a lot of things. We got so many compliments on our aesthetic our set up our jewel.. we were definitely living the dream. 

but it wasn’t all just work. I played too. 
on day one I arrived and my first event was a painting canvas art class where we created a Lily inspired paradise island. This is my favorite event I got to be creative. I played with fabric I painted, and I met a very nice girl and we became friends. after that was done I grabbed lunch headed back to my room, got dressed and went back out to the Palm Beach Gardens mall where they hosted the welcome party. we drink champagne ate food got free treats. It was so much fun.
day two I started really early. I signed up for the 8 AM worth Avenue guided tour with the one Mr. Palm Beach himself, Rick Rose. About the history of Palm Beach was very interesting. I learned things that I never knew about and I was enamored by the city. we even walked by Lily Pulitzer’s first shop, the  lemonade stand. to see how it all started in a very tiny shop that sold lemonade to now this Global phenomenon of a brand. Was definitely inspiring. The guided tour lasted a little over an hour, and we ended it at the first Lilly Pulitzer store.  after the guided tour, I headed to the Flagler Museum, where I signed up to take the trolley tour. The trolley took us around the island we drove by the most beautiful mansions, I’ve ever seen. Homes that belonged to Ralph Lauren, Estée Lauder, even Lilly Pulitzer’s home. Palm Beach is full of history. 
Our final  stop of the day was the pink pop up! The best pop up ever! We met so many girls that became part of the fancy girls club. 
the next day, it was time to go home. 
We can’t wait to go back in 2024.