Jewelry Care


We want to make sure any jewelry you buy from us, last for years. All of our pieces are shipped in a soft cotton string bag. We highly recommend storing your jewelry in the bag. 

Our pieces are fancy and sparkly, so we completely understand you want to wear them everyday. But we highly suggest giving your pieces a break. Due to the nature of being gold plated, the jewelry should never be worn in water, avoid direct contact with lotions, perfumes and cleaning chemicals, this ensures longevity. 

Keep in mind that everyone's skin is different, which can affect the level of tarnish or wear on your jewelry


Watch the stones your stones, all of our pieces feature hand-set stones in prong settings. If a prong gets caught on something and is raised up, secure the stone with your finger to keep it in place and carefully push the prong back down with a pair of pliers or something hard and flat. 


Please note we cannot be held responsible if your jewelry gets gets caught on something, gets wet, things that we do not have control over.