Girls Day at May’s Parlor for our Spring Collection

There's something about spring that lights up not just the world in bloom but also ignites an extra gleam of vibrancy in our hearts. It's a time for shedding the winter layers – both literally and metaphorically. This spring, as the sun sets on the monotonous, it's time to rise in a gorgeous, colorful en vogue ensemble. 

when we were looking for a place to shoot our  spring collection, we stumbled across May’s Parlor. it had the perfect aesthetic,  it was super cute and the pastries were to die for! We are now addicted to their Cruffins!  we are so thankful that the owner allowed us to take pictures there and that their social media manager who is also there photographer was our photographer. 

For this collection we wanted to use a lot of pastels and blue hues. when we think of spring, we think of cotton candy skies and cotton candy flowers so we wanted our jewelry to resemble that and have that feeling of soft, fresh colorful, but also soft and feminine. 

this season is all about layering and trying different styles and mixing things up. That’s the thing we love about jewelry,  that there’s no correct way to wear it. Jewelry is fine and it’s a way to express yourself. 

be fancy live fancy