Barbie Cafe Dream

Barbie Cafe

Living the Dream at the NYC Barbie Cafe

In the heart of New York City, a place known for its bold cultural statements and unapologetic uniqueness, sat a surprising haven for all Barbie girls!. The Barbie Cafe Pop Up, was more than just a themed eatery; it was a space where dreams were built alongside culinary delights. Where fashion, design, and storytelling combined to whisk you off into a whimsical world of pink.

Entering the Barbie Cafe felt like stepping into a life-sized Barbie Beach House. With two stories, there were plenty of Photo opportunities. We took, plenty of pictures using the backdrops! Our earrings matched everything so perfectly. It was definitely a Barbie girls dream. After taking photos and exploring we headed back downstairs to grab lunch.

The food was just okay. But the experience made up for it.I ordered a yummy, grilled cheese with fries and a glittery pink lemonade. 

 I really loved my experience and so glad that I got to go, since the bar café was only in NYC For a limited time. 

 stay fancy and travel fancy.