FS: Our First Styled Photoshoot

On April 13th, 2021. We had our very first brand styled shoot! It was such a beautiful day! We collaborated with 20 other women owned businesses. Seeing all these amazing women come together to bring our vision to life was pure magic! 

What you might not see, is all the work, research and preparation it took, to make this magazine worthy shoot happen! Here's a little peek on how it happened and a few behind the scenes. 





When I started seeing all those beach picnics happening, I knew I wanted to do one! But I also knew, it had to be very special! I thought a fancy picnic would be the perfect first photoshoot. Living in Florida, I am blessed to be only about 20 minutes away from the beach, and weather in April is perfect! 





I started creating bright and statement pieces. Pieces that would make you feel extra special and fancy.  I use Swarovski crystals in all my pieces, this adds that extra sparkle. Every collection has a pink color. After all, it is my favorite color. I started combining greens and neutrals with all the pinks. The collection was starting to feel like a summer parry itself. 


How we made it happen!

I am humbled and blessed that all these women businesses agreed to collaborate with me and make my vision come to life! Being in Jacksonville, FL has allowed me to network and meet so many other small business owners, some that I am so lucky to call friends. I started reaching out to photographers, staging and picnic companies, my favorite catering company,  as well as clothing and shoe brands. I couldn't believe they all said yes!!  I started searching for the perfect spot and day. I asked people about models. The more my shoot grew, the more people wanted to be involved in this collaboration. We added a hair salon, who did the makeup and hair for the models, we added a Panama Hat company and a flower company. Then my awesome friend sent me the perfect fancy coasters and napkins. I was so excited! This was going to be perfect!






Day Of!

I woke up at 6:30am after going to sleep at 1:00am! I was excited!! Shoot began at 4pm, with models getting ready between 3:00pm-3:30pm. I ran around all day, getting the final touches ready, making sure my jewelry was good to go, I  bough snacks and drinks for everyone. The weather was perfect!!!  Things were 98% perfect!  We had a few little stuff pop up, but it didn't matter. Everyone had so much fun! I bought a bottle of champagne to celebrate, which I had trouble poppin' haha! No worries, I had an awesome group of ladies cheering me on!  It was he perfect day, it felt like a dream and I was so happy!





A very huge Thank you for the all the vendors that made this happen! This truly wouldn't have happened without them!