Fancy Society at The Ritz-Carlton

              If you follow us on Instagram, you know we did a Trunk Show at                           The Ritz-Carlton! This was a dream! We met so many wonderful                   guests and a lot were fans of Fancy Society! We are forever grateful for the wonderful experience. 
We love our display, we always get so many compliments and the sparkles from our handmade Swarovski crystal jewelry is always a showstopper! 
I was able to create a few custom pieces while sitting there. This was a good conversation starter and I loved talking to guests about the process of setting stones. Custom jewelry is my favorite, because I get to give people, what they want, and seeing their smiles when they get their new fancy piece makes me so happy!
I finished the weekend with a nice bubble bath and this adorable Rubber ducky, I picked up at The Spa! My experience at The Ritz, was magical! Everyone I met was so friendly and helpful! We look forward to the future